A huge snake-like «mutants» stunned residents of Chukotka.

After strong storms the inhabitants of the southern part of the Chukchi Peninsula (Russia) began to find a huge snake-like objects. Their brown «head» and «body», attracted attention sailors from cargo ships crossing the North Bering sea. Some said that it is likely to large worms, or unknown to science sea snakes, while others claimed that it «mutants».A huge snake-like "mutants" stunned residents of Chukotka. A huge snake-like "mutants" stunned residents of Chukotka.

All doubts and fears were dispelled by scientists. In the National Park «Beringia» was told that in fact snake-like objects are kelp Nereocystis luetkeana is a species distributed along the Pacific coast of North America.A huge snake-like "mutants" stunned residents of Chukotka.

This seaweed has a barrel length of 25 m, which gradually expands upwards. At the end of the barrel is a bubble with a diameter of 20 cm On the top of the bubble is located a few short double twigs that may be attached to 40 long «leaves» — plates. The length of individual plates reaches 9 m. the plates are formed sporangia. The narrow lower part of the trunk attached to the ground using rhizoids that form a cone with a diameter of 30 cm.

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