Fire in the Wax Museum of Krasnoyarsk


March 16 in the Central Park of Krasnoyarsk there was a fire in the Wax Museum, which severely damaged wax sculptures. Wax melted and turned the works of art into eerie sooty figures.

On video partially melted off waxworks of the Russian Emperors and political figures against the background of blackened walls.

Fire in the Wax museum

One of the sculptures hadn’t had a half of the face, a part of clothes and an interior has burned down. Video from the scene of the incident published

Video of the aftermath of the fire in Central Park

The emergency department reported that there were no casualties in the fire, and the preliminary cause of the fire could be arson.

Fire in the Wax museum

At the moment, representatives of operational services continue to work on the spot, and all the circumstances of the incident are being clarified.