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Experiment with a dog breathing underwater in Russia

On December 20, the opportunity to breathe underwater was experienced at dachshunds in the presence of Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin and Serbian President Alexander Vuchicha. The dachshund was placed in a special tank with liquid, after a few minutes the animal was accustomed and began to breathe. When the scientists got the dog out of the tank, the watchers were able to make sure she was okay.

The video has caused great resonance in social networks, many people the treatment of dogs seems cruel.Experiment with a dog breathing under water in Russia
Project Manager Fedor Arsenyev is confident that this new amazing technology will be useful for rescuing submarine’s nursing premature infants and for people who received burns of the upper respiratory tract.

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In Russia the snow painted in white color.

In Russia the snow painted in white color.

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