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    In Russia sell presidential limousine, which did not like Putin.


    Attempt to transplant the RF President on exclusive ZIL failed a few years ago, and now the luxury vehicle put up for sale. Exclusive the car is currently worth 70 million rubles ($ 1,181,600). On the Internet appeared the announcement of the sale of the limousine ZIL-4112Р, which was built for the President of the […] More

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    Russian girl became the girl of the year according to the version of Playboy.

    Girl of the Year 2017

    The famous men’s magazine Playboy has named the name of the Girl of the Year 2017. It was the 23-year-old Russian model Lia Sitdikova. Lia won the contest organized by the publication. The girl gathered the most vote on the Internet. Now she is waiting for a prize of 17 thousand dollars and a photo […] More

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    The thieves returned the stolen picture because she doesn’t fit in their car.

    In Russian city “Rostov-on-Don” thieves returned a stolen painting because she doesn’t fit in their car. Installed surveillance cameras in one of the houses of Rostov-on-Don, captured a failed attempt of theft of the painting. The young man, two women and a little girl was coming down in the elevator and on the first floor […] More

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    In Saransk, a car with drunk people flew into a residential house.

    December 6 at 8:50 a.m. on the Avenue of 70 years of October in Russian city Saransk the driver of the car VAZ-21099 lost control, hit a curb and flew off the road crashed into a residential house. From the received traumas the driver died at the scene of an accident. His two passengers with […] More

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    A huge snake-like “mutants” stunned residents of Chukotka.

    After strong storms the inhabitants of the southern part of the Chukchi Peninsula (Russia) began to find a huge snake-like objects. Their brown “head” and “body”, attracted attention sailors from cargo ships crossing the North Bering sea. Some said that it is likely to large worms, or unknown to science sea snakes, while others claimed […] More

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    Sauna on wheels! In Kazakhstan sell unusual GAZelle.

    In the Kazakh city of Aktobe for 14750$ sell unusual minibus GAZelle. Outside the minibus no different from other similar machines, but its main “trump card” to be inside. The announcement said that the furnace is heated for twenty minutes, and you can start to steam, regardless of ambient temperature! Transport can be used both […] More

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    The Russian company Hoversurf developed manned hoverbike.

    The Russian company “Hoversurf” developed a manned hoverbike-the aircraft similar to a motorcycle. Instead of wheels, a flying “motorcycle” has a built-in drive that creates an air cushion effect. Version of the Scorpion-3 looks like a giant drone that can be operated both in manual and in automatic mode. Characteristics of Scorpio: -the distance flown […] More

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    In Moscow came up with an original way of laying of asphalt.

    In Moscow (Russia) utilities lay asphalt directly on snow. It is reported by telegram-channel Mash. 4 December 2017 in several districts of Moscow laid down the asphalt. The presence of snow does not bother public utilities.Network users can’t find an explanation for such actions. More

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    The holiday comes to us. In the city of Dnipro road covered with tangerines.

    The mandarins were so many that they had to be removed from the roadway using a tractor and special vehicles. 3 December in the Ukrainian city of Dnipro as a result collision of an unknown vehicle overturned loaded with tangerines truck. The drivers fled the scene and the roadway was strewn with citrus. Local media […] More

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    Impossible situations that could only happen in Russia (14 photos)

    Russia – a country of people with a crazy imagination, incredible talent and a great sense of humor. Caution – this collection of photos may surprise you! Beer ambulance in Russia. Russia is a country where people and birds live side by side. Nothing unusual, just a haystack in the middle of the road. Russian […] More

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    Arsonist-loser set fire to a car and caught fire itself.

    The arsonist is loser set a car on fire and burned himself

    The video shows how the man walks over to a parked car, it pours a flammable liquid on the hood of the car and sets it on fire. Along with the car caught fire and the attacker. The man ran away. The incident happened on November 29, 2017 in the Russian city of Perm. More

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    Dangerous driving “Rich Russian youth” in Moscow.

    Dangerous riding "Rich Russian youth" in Moscow.

    The passengers of the car that at high speed I moved on Kutuzov Avenue in Moscow with numerous traffic violations document the trip on video. The video posted in the public “richrussiankids” on Instagram. The video shows the car at high speeds overtaking other cars and creates an emergency situation on the road. Публикация от […] More

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    A man in Russia died because of selfie with a grenade.

    The 26-year-old resident of Labinsk (Krasnodar Krai) killed in the detonation of the grenades in your own car. It is reported by the regional investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation. The circumstances of the tragedy are not yet known, but police have already established that a few minutes before death man […] More

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