Russian Playground or the boy stuck in the mud.


In Russia, the boy was stuck in the mud on the children’s new Playground

Russian playground or as a boy sucked into the mud.In the Russian city of Tsivil’sk boy stuck in the mud right in the middle of the Playground and began to slowly sink into the black mud, unable to get out. As it turned out, the workers did not have time to lay the lawn at this place and forgot to warn people about the dangers in this area.Russian playground or as a boy sucked into the mud.The boy was discovered by a local press when he stood on the Playground for a long time and not moving. They found that the teenager was hit in a mud and couldn’t get out (the child just wanted to play on the swings).

Luckily, managed to find the boy’s father, who ran home for high rubber boots. The video shows how he barely pulls the child and selected himself. In recognition of the boy, he stood no less than 20 minutes, unable to get out of the sticky mud.