Russian cosmonaut flew the ISS on a vacuum cleaner.


The Russian astronaut Anton Shkaplerov has uploaded in the networks cheerful video on which he in the conditions of zero gravity flies on an unusual “transport” means.

Some users of social networks jokingly asked him the question: “Do astronauts fly on the station in a vacuum cleaner?” Astronaut decided to try a new way to travel during regular cleaning on ISS, and at the same time to answer the frequently asked question. From the video it is clear that the flight on the vacuum cleaner in the conditions of weightlessness passed successfully, bringing a lot of positive both to Anton Shkaplerov and users of social networks.Russian cosmonaut flew the ISS on a vacuum cleaner

45-year-old Anton Shkaplerov is a colonel VKS RF. The first space flight was carried out in November 2011. Then he was commander of the Soyuz TMA-22 spacecraft. On the ISS, he was a flight engineer on the program of the 29th and 30th main space expedition.