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In Steam has a new game about Putin (Putin 20!8).

Putin 20!8

In Steam, there was an indie game Putin 20!8, in which it is necessary to «win and destroy all enemies» of Russia. The main character of the game is President Vladimir Putin.

game Putin 20!8 game Putin 20!8 game Putin 20!8

Gamers will play for Vladimir Putin, who will fly by plane and shoot down your enemies. To pass the missions, players must show their reaction to shy away from flying shells in them, and then strike back. As opponents will make many enemies of the Russian Federation. The game developers also had time to release a trailer for her.

Also in «Putin 20!8» presented a huge number of enemies and bosses, among which are: Donald Trump, Kim Jong-un, bitcoin, representatives of the LGBT community, Alexey Navalny and others. The game was released on February 26, 2018.

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