TOP-10 most popular Instagram accounts in Russia.

TOP-10 most popular Instagram accounts in Russia.

Instagram is much more than a normal application for sharing photos and videos. Through him, popular personalities communicate with fans, earn money by advertising various products, report important changes in their lives. In today’s compilation, we show you the TOP-10 most popular Instagram accounts in Russia.

TOP-10 most popular Instagram accounts in Russia.

TOP-10 most popular Instagram accounts in Russia.

10. Ivan Urgant @urgantcom — 7.1m followers

Ivan Urgant

June 2018 – 7.1 million followers.

TV presenter and showman Ivan Urgant may not publish new posts on Instagram for several weeks. It hardly shares with subscribers really important information. In general, the celebrity places nothing meaningful pictures or videos. However, this did not prevent him from recruiting more than 7 million followers.

9. Anna Khilkevich @annakhilkevich — 7.2m followers

Anna Khilkevich

June 2018 – 7.2 million followers.

Anna Khilkevich is a Russian film and television actress. She is best known for its role in the Russian comedy television series «Univer. New Form » (Russian: Универ. Новая общага). Anna leads her Instagram with humor: publishes funny photos, stories from life or video.

8. Mikhail Galustyan @m_galustyan — 8m followers

Mikhail Galustyan

June 2018 – 8 million followers.

Mikhail Galustyan is a comedian, comedy actor, screenwriter, and producer.
Comedian seldom gives fans information for discussion. In his Instagram ordinary photo workers, little personal information and advertising posts.

7. Anastasiya Kvitko @anastasiya_kvitko — 8.4m followers

Anastasiya Kvitko

June 2018 – 8.4 million followers.

Model Anastasiya Kvitko demonstrates through Instagram its beautiful forms. A number of publications – 767. And almost all of them are provocative photos. There are many insulting statements and questions in the microblog: «Why do you need such breasts? Sleeping is uncomfortable. » Anastasia does not respond to such comments.

6. Nastasya Samburskaya @samburskaya — 9.2m followers

Nastasya Samburskaya

June 2018 – 9.2 million followers.

The actress and TV presenter, well-known for her uneasy character, publishes beautiful selfies with provocative posts. They always cause a stormy reaction among its followers. Nastasya Samburskaya is not too wordy — a maximum of a couple of proposals, if this is not an advertising post.

5. Vera Brezhneva @ververa — 9.4m followers

Vera Brezhneva

June 2018 – 9.4 million followers.

The famous pop singer Vera Brezhneva always writes great posts to photos or videos. In her Instagram — more than 2 thousand publications. The girl often communicates with subscribers in the comments, demonstrating a sense of tact and restraint. She never allows herself to be rude and answers all unpleasant questions either with silence or with a joke.

4. Pavel Volya @pavelvolyaofficial — 10.1m followers

Pavel Volya

June 2018 – 10.1 million followers.

The resident of the Russian comedy project «Comedy Club» uses Instagram most often for work purposes. He places photos from the filming, new videos, fragments of the interview. Personal life the celebrity tries not to advertise.

3. Kseniya Borodina @borodylia — 10.9m followers

Kseniya Borodina

June 2018 – 10.9 million followers.

Kseniya Borodina — Russian TV presenter, actress, and DJ. In his personal account often advertises different brands and talks about his friendly family. Joint photos with her husband and children in Kseniya several thousand. Her Instagram accounts in Russia are very popular with girls in Russia.

2. Timur Yunusov (Timati) @timatiofficial — 11.6m followers

Timur Yunusov (Timati)

June 2018 – 11.6 million followers.

Timur Yunusov, better known as Timati is a Russian singer, music producer, actor and entrepreneur. The owner of the label Black Star uses Instagram, mainly to present to the public its new purchase or project. While communicating with subscribers, a rapper does not hesitate to use expressions and often uses profanity in it. Most of the publications are video materials.

1. Olga Buzova @buzova86 — 13m followers

Olga Buzova

June 2018 – 13 million followers.

The most popular Instagram account in Russia for a long time belongs to Olga Buzova. For the participant of the reality show «House-2» in the past, and nowadays the famous singer, TV presenter, and actress are watched without exaggeration by everyone who has anything to do with show business. Buzova tells the fans about everything, from the city in which the concert will be, and ending with intimate details from his personal life.

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