Named 10 major Russian words of 2017, which are used in Russia.

Interesting fact about Russian education

The Expert Council at the Center for Creative Development of the Russian Language, which includes well-known writers, philologists, linguists, journalists, culturologists, and philosophers, chose the main word of 2017 — “renovation”. On the second place of the list — “bitcoin”, on the third — “hype”.Interesting fact about Russian education

Top 10 major Russian words 2017

1. Реновация -Renovation
2. Биткоин -Bitcoin
3. Хайп -Hype
4. Токсичный -Toxic
5. Баттл -Battle
6. Допинг -Doping
7. Криптовалюта -cryptocurrency
8. Фейк -Fake
9. Безвиз — Visa-free
10. Домогательство/харассмент -Harassment

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In Russia, the motorist remade mini-truck into something similar to the Ferrari.

In St. Petersburg fell snow Blue Color.

In St. Petersburg fell snow Blue Color.