The samovar production in Russia.

The samovar production in Russia.

The samovar has been a symbol of Tula for several centuries. Today you will learn the samovar production at the Tula plant «Stamp».

All samovars are made of brass. Metal sheets are fed into the blank shop and there are cut out round billets from them on special machines.

They are given the necessary form in the stamping shop with the help of a mold and hydraulic press.

After that, the details of the future Samovar are sent to the furnace to remove the tension in the metal and make it more malleable. There they are about an hour at a temperature of + 600° C.The samovar production in Russia.

After leaving the furnace all the parts should be cleaned from the scale in galvanic baths with a solution of hydrochloric acid. A total of 5 − 6 operations are required for each part. Then ready details of a samovar go on polishing: ground emery and polished on special circles.The samovar production in Russia.

All other parts are manually fastened to the body with the help of special rivets.The samovar production in Russia.

Then the samovar polish and again washed in a galvanic bath.The samovar production in Russia.

Then comes the turn of electrolysis. On special racks, through which passes a weak electric current, the Samovar is immersed in the solution for nickel coating products a thin layer of metal.The samovar production in Russia.

From inside the bowl is covered with food tin.The samovar production in Russia.

Then the Samovar is sent to the final polishing and final assembly. Inside electric samovars insert heater, which produces in the nearby shop.The samovar production in Russia.

Here the device is tested.The samovar production in Russia.

Then part of samovars is sent to the warehouse, and some on the painting.

Ready drawing cover with a transparent varnish and send in the furnace where dry at a temperature 130 − 150°C.The samovar production in Russia.

There is a special department at the «Stamp» plant. Here create exclusive samovars.The samovar production in Russia.

To create each of the Samovar from the master takes a week. All parts are created by hand and attached to the shell special spikes.The samovar production in Russia.

In the history of such exclusive Samovars, several dozens have been created here. As a rule, they are produced in only two copies: one is given to the customer and the other is stored in the museum of the plant.The samovar production in Russia.

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