The most terrible and dangerous places in Russia.

most terrible and dangerous places in russia

In today’s article, you will find a list of the most terrible and dangerous places in Russia.

The Devil Cemetery

The Devil CemeteryThis place is located in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, at the confluence of the Kova River in the Angara. (Devil Cemetery) appeared in 1908 after fall of the Tunguska meteorite. Its epicenter is located 400 kilometers to the north of this place.The Devil Cemetery 

About mysterious glade tell amazing things. According to one description, it has a round shape, on other — L-shaped. In this place, there is an incomprehensible nature of radiation, which has a destructive effect on all living things. The grass is not here, only the bare ground. Trees wither, their branches are charred. People have a feeling inexplicable fear, and the head begins to ache.The Devil Cemetery 

Medveditskaya Ridge

A place pilgrimage for ufologists and fans forest horror. Ridge has located 180 km from Volgograd and is a chain of hills approximately 250 meters high.Medveditskaya Ridge

Under Ridge are tunnels with a diameter of 7-20 meters. They stretch for many kilometers, but how they appeared — nobody knows.Medveditskaya Ridge2

This place attracts just a huge amount of lightning. Researchers counted about 350 partially or partially burned trees. From some trees remained only charred stumps.

Cursed Creek

This small creek flows in a gloomy coniferous forest. Here even on a clear sunny day is very dark and damp. All the guests of this area are unreasonably raised with a sense of anxiety and fear. Some say that with the advent of darkness, you can watch the silhouettes of soldiers, who fill their flasks with water from the creek.Cursed Creek

During the World War II, in this place where located Soviet positions, which were under mortar enemy fire. Unable to get out of the encirclement of the enemy, tired and hungry, the soldiers were able to survive only thanks to the Creek, not allowing them to die from thirst.

Mountain of the Dead

In the north of the Urals, on the border of Sverdlovsk region and Komi, there are often unexplained tragedies. On the slopes of the mountain “1079” or mountains of the dead many times in mysterious circumstances people died.Mountain of the Dead

The first tragedy took place at the 1-2 February 1959 year. The mountain climbed 10 tourists from Sverdlovsk, led the expedition of Igor Dyatlov. One tourist got sick legs and he stayed in the village of Vijay, even 9 continued to climb. They do not have time until dark to ascend and stopped for the night on the slope. Unexplainable happened at night-the entire group perished.Mountain of the Dead 1

Molebsky Triangle

It is considered the first anomalous zone on the territory of the USSR. Here very often observe different kinds of UFOs, glowing bodies, more often it balls, objects can soar above the ground, people hear different sounds-creaks, moans.most terrible and dangerous places in russia

In the 80s of last century, this place became famous throughout Russia. During the winter hunt, geologist Emil Bachurin found on the snow a round trail with a diameter of 60 meters. Since then this place has been stirring people’s minds. The researchers state that this zone has strong anomalies.It is considered the first anomalous zone on the territory of the USSR.

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