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Glamorous grandfather: or a simple pensioner from Russia.

Khabarovsk pensioner Boris Dunaevsky looks more like a stylish Italian than an ordinary Russian grandfather.

Khabarovsk pensioner Boris Dunaevsky
Source: Instagram

With his pension of 18,000 rubles ($306), he buys expensive branded clothes and shoes. He also managed to repair his apartment, and buy antique furniture.

The 72-year-old grandfather wears things exclusively from Italian fashion designers, actively exhibiting photography in his Instagram account.

A few years ago, the pensioner took up the arrangement of his apartment, believing that housing must conform to it. Boris Dunaevsky personally made the repairing his house, turning it into a work of art.

In response to a question as to how he can buy expensive things and do repairs to an apartment solely on his pension, the glamorous grandfather gave advice: buy less, choose to better.

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