20 Interesting Facts About Vodka.

20 Interesting Facts About Vodka.

But before we proceed to the presentation of the hot facts about the national Russian drink, we recall: excessive consumption of alcohol harms your health!20 Interesting Facts About Vodka.

20 Interesting Facts About Vodka

1. Vodka is the cleanest drink in the world. There are practically no impurities in it, as there are no traces of fermentation. Its main ingredients are water (60%) and alcohol (40%).

2. 100 grams of vodka contains 235-kilocalories (for example 100 grams of meat have 250-kilocalories).

3. Regular use of vodka is the fastest way to get alcohol dependence. Other alcoholic drinks with this task cope slower.

4. Until 1885, vodka was sold for takeaway only with buckets (12.3 liters).

5. The branded vodka bottle (“Moscow Special”) was patented in 1894.

6. The state monopoly on vodka in Russia was introduced and was canceled several times.

7. The most valuable quality of vodka is the lack of taste. Ideally, quality vodka can be drunk, like water.

8. The strongest vodka in the world produced in Scotland. Her fortress of 88.8 degrees. This vodka is made for the Chinese market, because in China, eight is considered a lucky number. The cost of a bottle of such a drink is about $140.

9. One liter of vodka weighs not 1 kilogram, as many thinks, but 952 grams.

10. Vodka must be cooled to 8-10 degrees Celsius before use.

11. There are several museums of vodka, the largest of which is in Moscow.

12. Vodka has its expiry date — 1 year from the date of manufacture! After 12 months in the bottle, a harmful alkaline precipitate may fall out, and vodka with expired shelf life will cause food poisoning.

13. The most expensive vodka in the world — Russo-Baltique Vodka — was produced in Russia, its cost is 1,400,000 dollars. The drink as a “family relic” was created by the brand Russo-Baltique together with the daughter of an oil tycoon. The owner of the bottle was Prince Albert of Monaco.

14. In French, two words are used to refer to this drink: vodka and wodka. The first is used for Russian vodka and the second for Polish.

15. There is no non-alcoholic vodka.

16. The better the vodka is purified, the more toxic it is. For some parameters, vodka is more toxic than cognac and whiskey.

17. In its purest form, vodka is drunk mainly by the Slavs. It is generally accepted to drink cocktails based on vodka.

18. The first known prototype of vodka was created by the Persian scientist and chemist Ar-Razi in the 10th century.

19. The recipe for the cocktail “Bloody Mary”, the main ingredients of which are vodka and tomato juice, was created in the 20s of the last century by a French barman.

20. 50 grams of vodka sharpens mental activity 30 minutes after ingestion. However, the reaction and accuracy of movements are dulled.

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