10 of the Richest Russian Billionaires 2018 (Forbes)

Every year Forbes magazine makes lists of the richest people, both in the world and in individual countries. The list of the richest people includes those whose fortune is equal (or exceeds) the amount of a billion dollars. Who would have thought that there are so many rich people in Russia! In total, 102 citizens of the Russian Federation fell into the coveted list. The total wealth of the richest Russians totals 410.8 billion dollars. We offer you to look list 10 of the Richest Russian Billionaires 2018.

10. Alisher Usmanov

Alisher Usmanov

Opens the top ten Russian billionaires in 2018, a native of Uzbekistan. The billionaire has earned the first money on production of plastic bags, and now his fortune is 12.5 billion dollars. Alisher’s hobby is football, so he bought Arsenal Football Club.

9. Viktor Vekselberg

Viktor Vekselberg

Viktor Feliksovich Vekselberg is an entrepreneur, head of the «Skolkovo» Foundation, one of the founders and chairman of the supervisory board of the «Renova» Group of Companies. In total, he has 14.4 billion dollars. The billionaire opened in 2013 in St. Petersburg luxury museum of eggs Faberge.

8. Mikhail Fridman

Mikhail Fridman

Mikhail Fridman — was born in Ukraine, got citizenship in Israel, and lives in his own comfortable castle in England (which cost him $90 million). However, for a person with a fortune of 15.1 billion dollars, this is not such big money. Mikhail earned his fortune in oil and banking — it was he who founded «Alfa-Bank».

7. Andrey Melnichenko

Andrey Melnichenko

Melnychenko started doing business in his student years. In the beginning, he opened a travel company «Sputnik», and then opened a currency exchange, from which began the career of a billionaire. Now on the accounts of Melnichenko 15.5 billion dollars. Becoming a solid businessman, Andrey engaged in a hobby — now he collects pictures.

6. Vladimir Potanin

Vladimir Potanin

Vladimir began with banking and, as far as possible, was engaged in everything that could bring profit — agriculture, construction, show business, oil and gas, the production of medicines and ski resorts. This versatile strategy brought him an impressive capital of 15.9 billion dollars.

5. Gennady Timchenko

Gennady Timchenko

Earning 16 billion dollars, Gennady clearly pays great attention to a healthy lifestyle and self-cultivated environmentally friendly apples. A well-known businessman started his career at Izhorskiye Zavody in the Leningrad region, where he worked as a shift foreman in the production of electric generators for nuclear power plants.

4. Vagit Alekperov

Vagit Alekperov

Oil is life. It’s a good life. Proves this thesis fate Vagit Alekperov, linking its fate with the oil industry and earned on it a state of 16.4 billion dollars. He founded the company «Lukoil» and he suffered from sanctions in 2014. However, as we see, on his welfare it has not affected.

3. Leonid Mikhelson

Leonid Mikhelson

Opens the top three richest businessmen in Russia — Leonid Mikhelson earned his capital on the reserves of natural gas. The total state of Mikhelson counts 18 billion dollars — two billion more than the fourth place of the rating.

2. Alexey Mordashov

Alexey Mordashov

The basis of Alexey’s wealth was laid by the management of the steel company «Severstal», whose permanent director he was almost twenty years old. The second source of its wealth is the travel company «TUI Group», one of the largest in the world. And by the beginning of 2018, Alexey earned 18.7 billion dollars.

1.Vladimir Lisin

Vladimir Lisin Russian Billionaires 2018

But who is at the top of the Russian business? The moment of truth has come: the richest man of Russia according to Forbes is Vladimir Lisin. He began his path to wealth from the depths of the coal mine, then bought factory-another (including Novolipetsk steel plant), after which the case went up. The state of it has an impressive amount 19.1 billion dollars.

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