10 interesting facts about Russia and the Russians.

10 interesting facts about Russia and the Russians.

Russia is a great country, which amazes with its large-scale dimensions. Russia is associated with forests and mountains, clear lakes and endless rivers, a variety of plant and animal life. It is here that people of different nationalities live, who respect the culture and customs of local residents. We offer to read about 10 interesting facts about Russia and the Russians.

#1. Interesting fact about drinking.interesting facts about Russia

29% of Russians never drink alcohol, 30% drink less often once a month, 16%   once a month, 18%   once or twice, 6%   once a week. 1% of Russian citizens surveyed hesitate to answer such questions.

#2. Interesting fact about Russian education.Interesting fact about Russian education

Russia ranks first in the world in terms of the number of people with higher education in the population.

#3. Interesting fact about Presidents.An interesting fact about the harsh climate.

For all the time of modern Russia, there were only three presidents: Boris Nikolaevich Yeltsin, Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev, and Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.

#4. An interesting fact about the harsh climate.An interesting fact about the harsh climate.

In the territory of Yakutia, in Oimyakon, there is the Pole of Cold   in this settlement the average January temperature is -61°С. This is the only place in the world where people live and work at such a low temperature.

#5. Interesting fact about the Russian population.Interesting fact about the Russian population.

Despite the huge area, Russia is only on the seventh place in terms of population   145 million people live here.

#6.Interesting fact about the museum Hermitage.Interesting fact about the museum Hermitage.

The Hermitage Museum contains many cats to protect against rodents. Each cat of the Hermitage has a passport with a photograph.

#7. An interesting fact about men and women.An interesting fact about men and women.

In Russia, a thousand men account for 1147 women.

#8. Interesting fact about cosmonauts.Interesting fact about cosmonauts.

According to modern NASA rules, the astronaut must know the Russian language.

#9. Interesting fact about time.Interesting fact about time.

Due to the fact that Russia is strongly stretched from the East to the West, there are as many as 10 time zones in the country.

#10. Interesting fact about Constitution.10 interesting facts about Russia and Russians.

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The Russian Constitution prohibits the use of foreign expressions. You will not find words like «speaker», «impeachment», «parliament» or «senators» in it.

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