9 abandoned manor in Russia

9 abandoned estates in Russia

In Russia, there are a lot of amazing architectural creations that have a rich history.

Many of them decades to stand alone and gradually deteriorating. Here the history of these estates.

Estate AleksinoEstate Aleksino

Location: Smolensk region, Dorogobuzh district, Aleksino.
Estate Aleksino belonged to a noble family Baryshnikova. The complex builds in the late XVIII century. It was the work of architects Matvey Kazakov and Domenico Gilardi. In 1920 the estate was even a Museum of estate life, director of which was Mikhail Prishvin. Abandoned the estate after World War II.

Estate PashalovaEstate Pashalova

Location: Tula region, village Kolosovo.
Once owned a manor of a noble family Chertovich and then the writer K. N. Pashalov. The estate was built in the first half of the nineteenth century, and in 1890 is when moved here Pashalov, the main house was radically rebuilt in the Gothic style. The estate has been partially abandoned since the early 1990s, but only partially. In one part of the house, there are several residential apartments and a post office.

Chernyshev EstateChernyshev Estate, estates in Russia

Location: Moscow region, Volokolamsk district, the village of Yaropolets.
This crumbling complex was begun in 1760s, it belonged to one of the richest families in the suburbs — the family of count Chernyshev. When in the country the Soviet power was established, the estate was turned into a children’s sanatorium, but during the war, the building was badly damaged.

Estate of architect A. S. KhrenovaEstate of architect A. S. Khrenova

Location: Tver region, Bologovskiy area.
Say that this vacant building has ghosts, and even people are disappearing, but when it was filled with life. The architect skillfully combined natural and artificial materials in home design. The estate in a derelict state since the 1960s, during the Soviet time there was a tuberculosis sanatorium, later it was closed.

Manor Venevitinov’sManor Venevitinov's

Location: village Gorozhanka, Voronezh region.
The manor was built in the late XVIII century, say that the manor house was designed by the famous Giacomo Quarenghi. Later the manor was reconstructed: in front of the house was built a fountain, extended garden, stables for breeding horses and a workshop for the manufacture of lace, furniture, rugs, ceramics. The building was abandoned in the 1980s.

The estate of Semenovskoe-OtradaThe estate of Semenovskoe-Otrada

Location: Semenovskoe village, Stupinsky district, Moscow oblast.
Founded the manor of Count Orlov, the construction began in 1774. The pictures of the dilapidated building, we can see what luxury was complex: a huge area with landscaped gardens, artificial ponds, bridges and pavilions, swan lake, the fountain and the palace.

Taldykin ManorTaldykin Manor

Location: Lipetsk oblast, near the city of Yelets on the river Vorgol.
The manor house built in 1867 for merchant Taldykin, once there even was a water mill, but it burned during the war. In the 1990s the building was abandoned, but now the estate and the surrounding areas are privately owned.

The Estate of Petrovskoye-AlabinoThe Estate of Petrovskoye-Alabino

Location: Naro-Fominsk district, Moscow oblast
The manor was built in the 1770s for the family of the Demidovs, and in a hundred years they have owned the princes Meshchersky. Now from former greatness, little has been preserved, however, the manor house still looks impressive.

The Estate Naryshkina

Location: Ryazan oblast.
The estate of Emmanuel Dmitrievich Naryshkin was built in the 1870s. Two-storey wooden house with medieval turrets, carved balconies and arched Windows, offering stunning views of the surrounding landscape. Abandoned mansion in 1988 (in Soviet times there where a pioneer camp and tuberculosis hospital), it now refers to assumption monastery Vyshinskogo.

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