Russians stole explosives and eat it instead of sausage.


Residents of Primorsky Krai (Russia) stole explosives total weight of 37 kilograms from the territory of the industrial safety enterprise. The stolen explosives became a snack. “She looked like sausage” — the intruders explained.

Russians stole explosives and eat it instead of sausage

At the end of March 2018, a fact of theft of explosives was established in the territory of one of the industrial security enterprises of Primorsky Krai. The total weight of the missing explosives was 37 kilograms according to the “Vostok-media” portal.

Experts that arrived at the scene found that the explosives of the industrial direction had disappeared from the construction site of the enterprise. The persons involved in the crime were found quickly. As it turned out, three inhabitants of Primorsky Krai, two of whom had already been tried earlier, stole and brought explosives to his home.

Russians stole explosives and eat it instead of sausage.

The robbers used the stolen explosives as a snack to the vodka, mistaking it with sausage. Part of the explosives they fed the homeless dog. A bit later to both malefactors, and an animal it became bad. After that, the men realized that there was something wrong, and decided to get rid of the so-called “sausage.” Malefactors distributed explosive to the acquaintances under the guise of sausage. At the moment all substances are withdrawn by police officers.