In Russia sell presidential limousine, which did not like Putin.


Attempt to transplant the RF President on exclusive ZIL failed a few years ago, and now the luxury vehicle put up for sale. Exclusive the car is currently worth 70 million rubles ($ 1,181,600).ZIL-4112Р

On the Internet appeared the announcement of the sale of the limousine ZIL-4112Р, which was built for the President of the Russian Federation. The car was presented to the head of state at the end of 2012, but Vladimir Putin did not like a limousine. Now the representative model released in a single copy was put up for sale for 70,000,000 rubles.ZIL-4112Р

Among the main highlights of the ZIL-4112P marked climate control, cruise control, entertainment system for the rear passengers with LCD screen. Under the hood of a limousine, the motor is 7.7 liters with multipoint injection capacity of 400 HP. Over the past six years, he managed to drive only 143 km.ZIL-4112РZIL-4112РZIL-4112РSee also: Sauna on wheels! In Kazakhstan sell unusual GAZelle.

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