Dangerous driving «Rich Russian youth» in Moscow.

Dangerous riding "Rich Russian youth" in Moscow.

The passengers of the car that at high speed I moved on Kutuzov Avenue in Moscow with numerous traffic violations document the trip on video. The video posted in the public «richrussiankids» on Instagram. The video shows the car at high speeds overtaking other cars and creates an emergency situation on the road.

Публикация от Rich Russian Kids (@richrussiankids)

The actions of those who recorded the video, fall under part 1 of article 12.15 of the administrative code of the Russian Federation («Infringement of rules of a location of the vehicle on a carriageway, counter travel or overtaking») and punished with an administrative fine in the amount of 1.5 thousand rubles.

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A man in Russia died because of selfie with a grenade.

The arsonist is loser set a car on fire and burned himself

Arsonist-loser set fire to a car and caught fire itself.