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The Russian military will be deprived of smartphones.

Russian military

Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation is considering imposing a ban on the use of modern smartphones in the Central Administration and the Russian Armed Forces.

Russian military

Russian Defense Ministry will allow the military to use only the most simple push-button telephones that do not have a camera and video features and which do not track location.

According to the publication (Kommersant), in this way in the Russian Federation decided to fight the information leakage. The new measures can be started on March 1, 2018.

The military sources of the publication explain the innovation as «secrecy considerations». It is noted that in recent years the Russian military department has experienced many problems due to information leakage. Thus, in the course of capturing the Crimea by Russia, the participants of the operation made memorable photographs at the former objects of the Ukrainian armed forces, which then came to the Internet and were used as evidence of Russian aggression.

The military also expects that the rejection of smartphones will help to get rid of unauthorized access to documents (including the «for official use») in the media.

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