Engineering-camouflage Regiment in Russia

The new unit will hide troops against enemy satellites, drones, and reconnaissance aircraft, as well as build a fictitious airfields and missile positions.Engineering-camouflage Regiment in Russia

Also, soldiers in minutes can deploy false artillery positions, missile systems and even build a dummy airfield. For this purpose in the arsenal of the regiment, there are inflatable models of tanks, cannons, infantry fighting vehicles, air defense complexes and other weapon systems. For such an unusual outfit 45 Regiment received the military nickname “Inflatable” Regiment.Engineering-camouflage Regiment in Russia

The formation of the regiment ended in June last year. Now 45-th disguise Regiment has already managed to take part in several events. In particular, his units took an active part in the recently completed “west-2017” exercises.Engineering-camouflage Regiment in Russia

The unique Regiment, in addition to inflatable models, received modern engineering machines. There are also special means in the arsenal, which allow to seriously reduce the efficiency of optical and radar reconnaissance systems.Engineering-camouflage Regiment in Russia

Regiment units can disguise both the positions of their troops and complex technical objects. For example, locations of operational-tactical missile complexes, anti-aircraft missile systems, radar stations. Also, the engineering-camouflage regiment can conceal from observation and social objects. This list includes bridges, road sections, power plants.

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